Uniform Policy


All parents who enrol their child(ren) in St Vincent's School agree to dress their child (ren) in the recognised school uniform.  As a Catholic School, there is a certain code or standard of dress to be maintained.  This code does not always agree with current standards in the broader community or society in general.  It does not always agree with fads or changeable, "fashionable" trends.  Parents who enrol their children at St Vincent's are usually aware of these factors, and their support and efforts in maintaining their children in clean, well-fitting uniforms and correct footwear are basic to the continued high standard of dress we wish to keep.

The school uniform consists of:

  • Microfibre Sports Shorts (with logo)
  • School Polo (with logo)
  • Bucket Hat (with logo)
  • Bottle Green Rugby Top (with logo)
  • Bottle Green Track Pants (with gold and white piping)
  • Faction Polo (with logo, red, green, royal and gold)
  • White Socks (with logo)
  • St Vincent’s School Back Pack (with logo)
  • Library Bag (with logo)

  • Predominantly white sand shoe
  • Plain brown sandals may be worn during summer months

GROOMING (including adornment)

Students with hair below the collar of their uniform must tie it up neatly.  School colour - bottle green, gold or white hair restrainers (clips, ribbons, bobbles etc.) ONLY, may be worn.

Plain studs or sleepers may be worn; one per ear lobe.  A religious medal/cross may be worn around the neck ONLY.  Students may also wear a watch.

Nail polish may not be worn to school.  Please make sure it is removed at home before school begins.

"Fad" haircuts, E.G.mohawks, zigzag stripes, shaved patches, coloured strips, rats' tails are definitely unacceptable.