Frequently Asked Questions
For your convenience we’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions received from our customers.

General Questions

    1. What is the minimum quantity for an order?
    There is no minimum order quantity.
    Common sense should prevail and the suggested order is:
    If you wash the uniform regularly then 2 polo shirts, 2 shorts and 3 socks may be sufficient. 
    If you're a working parent you might find it convenient to have more on hand.

    2. What if you don’t stock a product I am looking for?
    We stock all compulsory uniform items as approved by the school Principal.  If you can't find an item you require please email

    3. How do I pay?
    By using our secure online payment facility or pay in person at the school shop.

    4. How can I get my items delivered to me?
    If ordering online your order will be ready for collection from the uniform shop the following Tuesday. Deliveries may be posted at an additional charge if delivery is selected at the checkout page when ordering.

    Freight / Despatch Questions

    What are your delivery turn-a-round times for your products?
    We're at the uniform shop every Tuesday at 2.00pm to 3.30pm during the school term.

    We will check and process orders for pick up and delivery on this day only.

    If there are any questions that we have not answered please advise us and we will answer them for you by emailing